Real-time marketing with real-world insight.

Exhibitors can now take to the air…

Get in the app
and on the map.

Airalytics™ is the only show app with iGPS (Indoor GPS) for live, location-aware maps. With real-time marketing engagement your booth pops off the screen.


Broadcast with maximum impact.


The massive multiplayer game at the core of the Airalytics™ app generates real-world engagement as show attendees play for real big prizes.


Big data is hot air
unless it is real data.


Airalytics™ generates meaningful data, from real-world interactions. This includes engagement performance, with data segmented along demographic lines.


Airalytics for Exhibitors

Introducing AirPods

AirPods, while quite small at only three and a half inches, are central to the Airalytics platform and Real-time Marketing. Every AirPod broadcasts a signal, up to 20 metres, from which the Airalytics app triangulates indoor positioning (iGPS) for live, location-aware maps.

AirPods are unidirectional communication devices, which means they merely transmit a minuscule signal, that attendees who are running the Airalytics app can detect. As such, no data is transferred between AirPods and the individual attendees. As attendees enter and leave AirPod zones, the Airalytics app pushes passive and active engagement tools.

Every AirPod ensures your company is included in search results, and has brand placement in the Airalytics app with a prominently displayed logo and contact information (address, phone, website and email addresses).


MapPods are the backbone of the Airalytics user experience.  A MapPod in your booth ensures your spot on the live map in the Airalytics app.


Do you have something that you really want to share with show attendees?  Fun facts, trivia, videos, maybe latest product news?


This is a game you won’t want to miss!  Each GamePod is your chance to engage with show attendees as they play for real world prizes.


Have some great deals or promotions you want attendees to know about?  Perhaps you want to provide an exclusive show deal – there’s an AirPod for that!


Do you distribute flyers, brochures or fact sheets at the show?  ScanPods provide a “one click” digital download for all your resources, saving you printing costs.


Do you have a special event taking place at your booth, at specific times or at varying intervals?  Make sure to get maximum attendance with an EventPod.


The FreebiePod is your chance to provide show attendees with sponsored free products. Free ice cream anyone?

AirPod Bundles

AirPods bundled together provide features that maximize the effectiveness of your Real-time Marketing.

As a bundle, AirPods work together to ensure that your Real-time Marketing includes location, time and demographic triggers, providing the widest gamut of engagement with expanded reach and a higher rate of success.

With each additional AirPod the scope of the data captured increases, providing greater resolution for your analysis with more fidelity for finely nuanced interpretation.

AirPod Starter Kit

The basics to get you
in the App and on the map.
  • MapPod

AirPod Ignition Bundle

Begin your real-time
marketing journey.
  • MapPod
  • ConnectPod
  • LaunchPod

AirPod Lift-Off Bundle

Best value with
maximum reach potential.
  • MapPod
  • LaunchPod
  • GamePod
  • DealPod
  • ConnectPod

AirPod Orbit Bundle

Data provides a
detailed view from above.
  • MapPod
  • LaunchPod
  • GamePod
  • DealPod
  • DataPod
  • ConnectPod

What is Real Time Marketing?

Real-Time marketing isn’t like traditional internet or email campaigns. With the introduction of AirPod technology, an air-mesh of overlapping AirPod signals is broadcast throughout the showroom. This air-grid introduces four new tools to your marketing strategy.

Proximity Engagement

Real-time Marketing allows you to captivate your audience while they are within reach. Proximity detection ensures that in the time it takes for attendees to walk past your booth, you can engage and make that emotional connection. AirPods reach out as attendees pass through your AirPod zone with clever, interactive and rewarding engagement. AirPods entice further with exclusive, and personalized show deals, demographically targeted for precision impact. With a little Airalytics genius, we will maximize your engagement and increase your conversions.

Augmented Reality

Real-time Marketing overlays the real-world show experience with helpful tools and informative commentary. This is the essence of augmented reality. For example, the Airalytics app comes with built in event scheduling features. Like most show apps, the Airalytics app reminds users when selected events are taking place. Unlike other apps, we augment reality by calculating the distance users are from the desired event, and generate alerts with adequate travel time pre-calculated.

Attendees can map out their day according to vendor locations and the events and shows they wish to take in. At any given moment attendees can locate where they are on the show floor with the augmented reality live maps. It’s like a GPS for the interior of the show.

Peak Interest

Attendees come to the show with interests, passions and questions. Something has brought them to the show, and Airalytics capitalizes on this peak interest in the form of Real-time Marketing, generating maximum intrigue.

At these moments of peak interest, engaging attendees in meaningful, memorable and entertaining ways, results in significantly higher conversion rates, when coupled with demographic and chrontext sensitive strategies. That is to say, strategies that adapt to the demographic, time and location of any given engagement moment are found to be more successful. That is the essence of Airalytics Real-time Marketing. A limited time, demographically segmented exclusive offer would be an example of such a strategy.

Real Data

Throughout the show, Airalytics captures meaningful data as attendees download your resources, redeem your exclusive show deals, and interact with your staff. With all this data Airalytics creates snapshots of  your show performance over time. This provides valuable insight regarding: 1) the duration and quality of interactions 2) perceptions about your exclusive show deals, products and demos, and 3) your social media, email subscription and digital download metrics.