Do you have a special event taking place at your booth, at specific times or at varying intervals?  Make sure to get maximum attendance with an EventPod.

With Airalytics technology, EventPods not only remind attendees about your demos and booth presentations, but also ensure that they don’t miss a thing. EventPods trilaterate  a users location and calculate a handy “estimated time of arrival”. In conjunction with the apps live real-time maps, you’ll maximize the effort you put into each and every event.

Afterwards, EventPods can prompt attendees for feedback about your event. From the data collected we can determine how many attended your event.  It can also be determined how long they stayed, if they shared it on social media, how they participated, and whether or not they enjoyed it.  This is crucial information for any exhibitor looking to ensure that  their attendees have the best possible experience year over year.