Have some great deals or promotions you want attendees to know about?  Perhaps you want to provide an exclusive show deal – there’s an AirPod for that!

As attendees walk around the show and enter into your AirPod zone, the app will notify them that your promotion is available to be collected.  Attendees can choose to see your promotion in exchange for their email address (optional).

Once attendees see your promotion they can choose to place it into the app’s built-in wallet. The Wallet allows attendees to store all their coupons, deals and promotions collected throughout the day.  Attendees can choose to redeem their promotion at your booth or wait and keep it stored safely in the app’s wallet for future redemption.

For your convenience, exclusive show deals can be time sensitive, allowing you to offer “early bird” and off-peak traffic incentives. Additionally, DealPods offer customizable expiry dates, where you decide if you want them to extend beyond the show, or show only exclusives. Deal redemption, whether it be at the show or in your retail outlets, is entirely trackable, providing you with valuable sales metrics.

You may also, optionally, ask attendees to provide their email address in order to receive certain exclusive show deals. To comply with CASL requirements, the Airalytics app always asks users if they wish to optionally provide their email address and be added to the specific exhibitors mailing list, from which users can opt out at any time.